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Terms and Conditions

  • Please ensure that the width of the image you upload is 730 pixels.
  • Images not adhering to the specification will be expanded or contracted. is not responsible for any inadvertent distortion of the image in this process.
  • It is advised that the image be of high quality for better impact.
  • Please ensure sufficient balance in your account before using the services.
  • If the top-up does not reflect immediately, please wait for 24 hrs before checking account balance.
  • The top-up balance can be used across all our advertising services.
  • The top-up balance is carried over when the next top-up is done before the expiry of the validity period.
  • All charges are applied only at the time the Email goes out to our entire database.
  • Ads can be cancelled upto 1 day prior to the scheduled date of sending. For cancellation charges refer the Terms and Conditions HERE.
  • If you need help, please contact our agents.
  • Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. You are advised to visit this page from time to time to keep yourself up to date.
  • General Terms and Conditions are HERE. You are advised to go through all of them to be aware.

Price List

 Package Price
 Frequency Pay
 Email One
 One time
 Email Month
 2499/-  4 times a month - once every week on the same day as the first.